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  1. Electrode Pad Holder

    Convenient way of storing and securing your pads when not using your TENS device. Compatible with small and large sized gel pads from Smart Relief. To store your pads, apply water to gel portion and stick each pad on opposite sides of the pad holder. If you decide to keep the electrode cables connected, you can wrap the wires around the pad holder for convenience. Learn More
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  3. TENS Stimulating Elbow Brace

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    • Compatible with any Smart Relief TENS device or any TENS device with a snap connector
    • Receive the TENS therapy while applying pressure to the elbow
    • Provides instant pain relief to the elbow and ulnar nerve
    Learn More
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  6. 20-Pack of Extra Large Replacement Gel TENS Pads

    20-pack of extra large, snap-on rectangular (4.4" x 2") replacement TENS & EMS gel pads for all Smart Relief devices. These pads are flexible and perfect for shoulders, back, thighs, and hips. Learn More
  7. 2 Jumbo Universal TENS/EMS Massage Replacement Gel Pads

    One set (2 pads) of universal jumbo sized electrode gel replacement pads for TENS/EMS units with the snap connector Learn More
  8. 20-Pack of Large Replacement TENS Pads

    20-pack of large Smart Relief electrode gel TENS pads are compatible with all Smart Relief devices and most TENS and EMS massagers with the snap-on connector. Each pad measures 3" x 1.8" and features a non-adhesive and non-sticky gel which conducts electricity safely from the TENS unit to your skin.

    Learn More
  9. 2 Large Universal Replacement Electrode Gels Pads

    One set (2 pads) of large universal conducting gel replacement electrode pads for TENS/EMS massagers

    Learn More
  10. 20-Pack Small Universal Reusable Snap Gel TENS Pads

    20-pack of small universal gel TENS pads work with all Smart Relief device and is compatible with most TENS & EMS massagers using the snap-on connector. Compatible with Magic Massagers, Palm Massager, Hi Dow XPO, Hidow XP, Massage Mouse, Ismart Massagers, Mini Masseuse Massagers, Magic Masseuse Massagers, Rhythym Touch Massagers, and Pinook Mini Massagers. These pads measure 1.7" x 1.12" and are reusable with proper cleaning and maintenance. Learn More



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