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  1. Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS Device & Pressure Point Shoe Combo

    Regular Price: $57.95

    Special Price $34.97

    FEATURES BOTH TENS & EMS MODES - Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of TENS & EMS simultaneously with dual channel output allowing up to 4 pads to be used at once. 20 INTENSITY LEVELS TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - Increase or decrease the intensity of each massage therapy to your specific pain relief needs. Experiment with different modes & intensities to find the perfect setting. ACUPRESSURE SHOES TARGET PRESSURE POINTS - Acupressure therapy stimulates pressure points to release muscular tension, promote the circulation of blood, & relieve pain. FDA-CLEARED CLASS 2 DEVICE - Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 is registered & cleared by the FDA as a safe over-the-counter TENS & powered muscle stimulator. LONG-LASTING BATTERY - Ultimate 1020's Lithium battery lasts an incredible 40 hours or more on a single charge with constant use. Learn More
  2. Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS Unit & Massaging Belt Combo

    Regular Price: $54.95

    Special Price $34.97

    IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - TENS therapy quickly blocks pain signals sent to the brain providing immediate relief to the affected region. If you've been treating your chronic pain with drugs or expensive therapy, TENS may be an alternate solution. 10 MASSAGE THERAPIES - These TENS/EMS therapies include Swedish massage, acupuncture pulse therapy, chopping massage, kneading, Reflexology, cupping, Gua Sha, assorted pulsing, trigger point therapy, & Thai massage. MASSAGING BELT TARGETS BACK PAIN - Electric stimulating belt offers dual functions: helps alleviate chronic back pain with TENS therapy & help tones or sculpt your abdominal muscles with EMS mode. DUAL MODE & 20 PRECISE INTENSITY LEVELS - Set different electric massage therapies on up to 4 pads & set the pulse stimulation intensity separately so you can cater your therapies independently & simultaneously. FDA-CLEARED & WARRANTY PROTECTION - This is an FDA-cleared Class II device & includes a comprehensive 2-year warranty that protects against defects, batteries, & displays. Learn More