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Pain Management in Cold Weather: Tips to Survive the Winter

You always know when winter’s coming. Getting out of bed is a harder. Your knees start to ache after a good run. Your arthritis flares up as you’re opening a pickle jar.

Although chronic pain inevitably worsens once temperatures dip, the pain can be manageable. Here are some tips so that your aches and pains are a bit easier to deal with this winter season.

Pain Management in Cold Weather: Tips to Survive the Winter

1. Stay Warm If cold is causing your body pain, it only makes sense that heat would do the opposite. When your back pain begins to intensify, treat the problem with some heat. Applying a hot compress to the area causes the soft tissues and muscles to stretch around the spine, releasing all that built-up, frigid tension.

2. Keep Moving Stay flexible. Do stretches. Exercise. The best way to fight pain is not to let it settle in. Curling up for hours wrapped in a blanket watching Netflix sounds ideal in the blistering cold, but it’s doing a number on your spine. Stay active. Keeping the blood flowing will help fight off inflammation.

3. Work on Your Posture We all spend long hours at our desks, slumped over a computer. We sit hunched over in stop-and-go traffic. Then we go home and sit on the couch. We are doing a number on our spine. Our spine is the pathway that sends signals to our brains. If it’s feeling stressed, your brain feels that stress, and in turn, you will feel that stress as well- in the form of chronic pain.

Become more aware of how you are treating your spine. Good posture is key to fighting off lower back pain and tiring your knees out. During the winter season, take up some hot yoga. Not only will downward dogs help you with blood circulation, but practicing yoga is great for your posture.

4. Eat a Whole Foods Diet Chronic pain is usually caused by inflammation of the joints. To fight inflammation, it needs to be an inside job. That means a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that combat inflammation. These include fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, and unsaturated fats. And by fats, we don’t mean to start binging on sweets. We’re talking healthy fats like Omega-rich oils and protein-filled seeds.

Eating the rainbow (a balanced diet consisting of foods that vary all the colors of the spectrum) will ensure that you are get a boost to your immune system. There’s a reason why all foods have different colors. They all contain their own unique nutrients. As an extra tip, try introducing anti-inflammatory spices into your cuisine. Turmeric and cumin are very high in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

The winter season is unavoidable, but there is no need to live in dread. Following these steps can help the oncoming pain more manageable.

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